Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Serious Talk with dad

Well i guess every daughter is just so precious in their father's eyes.My dad is such a jealous dad.heheh Just a few minutes ago before i write this post, i had a quick but serious talk with my dad. Huh, well its about me having a boyfriend now. I actually started it out as a joke, then it led to some serious conversation and a few arguments as well. But even though it did not end the way i hope it would end, i still thank God for the opportunity of this "preliminary" talk..I thank God for giving me such a wonderful dad. Everything has its own time, i guess it's not the right time yet ;) But i really hope and pray that God will soften his heart and be open to the reality that his daughters won't be staying with him forever.. hehehe :) Miracles always happen ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The First Fruit of my LAbor ;)

Nokia 7210 supernova

Finally after several months of thinking what to buy for my savings, i finally decided to buy a new phone. It was not my first choice, but when i saw this model last last Sunday, it really strike me.hehehe i just love the color, the size (it's so handy) plus the features, i guess this phone was made exclusively for girls since its features are mostly for girl's use ;) and the price is so reasonable! Thank God for this blessing ;) It took me weeks to find the "bubble gum pink" color, every store that i went to sells the blue model, who wants blue when you can have it in pink? hehehe I'm just so happy for my new phone ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday 2

"In everything, give thanks"

I am much excited for this weeks' TT because i have lot of things to thank GOd for.)So here are my thankful lists for today:

  • I thank God for the safe travel of my mom and dad who just arrived last Tuesday from manila.
  • I thank God that finally my dad is here again for his yearly vacation! My dad is a seaman and working overseas, so he rarely spends time with us. I thank God for another bonding moments with my papa. Every minute spent with him is always treasured and precious ones!
  • I thank God for the "pasalubongs" from my ever generous papa.hehehe
  • I thank God for the life of my best friend Limbing who has finally found a job! yipeeee! (makalibre na cya, finally!hehehe) She has waited and prayed for this, and i'm just so excited for her first day at work :)
  • I thank God for the life of my boyfriend who is so supportive and loving. We've been together for 1 month and 20 days to be exact(hehehe). We are currently in the adjustment period, but i thank God for really guiding us in this relationship. I thank God for the people that surrounds us who are always willing to give their guidance as well as their advices!
It's been a long week for me, even though my day did not end that well, i thank GOd for the Lessons that he is teaching me especially in my experience just a few hours ago:) (i'll make another post for that)
Finally i just thank God for his grace and Love that is new every morning, he's love is just so refreshing and i thank him for he is an ever faithful God!

Godbless everyone ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Dinner to Remember

( us!)

Last January 25 and 26 was my mom and brother's birthday respectively. Since It was a double celebration, my mom decided to have a dinner at one of our fave resto here in cdo. Guess who's our special guest at that night?hehehee

my brother and his girlfriend :)

Tada!hehehe our guest is my brother's girlfriend! (see that smile on my bro's face?hehe)
She's a nice gal and quite shy. But it's ok, we understand!hehehe What matters is atleast we already met her and know a little bit of her background!hehehe

My mom meeting his daughter-inlaw! :) just kidding!

It was indeed a wonderful time spent again with my family. I just thank God for giving my mama and my brother another year to enjoy and celebrate life! More years to come for the both of them!


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